Here at Game Vault – we are always looking for ways to grow, strengthen and expand the community!
We’ve been asked for more ways for you all to connect and get together besides just the regularly scheduled tournaments.
We know each area of fandoms has its own specific group, Magic, Pokemon, Board Games, Etc.
But there is many of you that have multiple of these interests!
This Game Vault group will serve as a place for the multi-nerdoms you have. Discuss the upcoming new product or event – maybe see if anyone wants a ‘pick-up-game’ of your favorite game.
We’ve also heard a lot of you use Discord – we have that too! ( Which is pretty cool because each fandom will have its own ‘room’ and has an app outside of Facebook for you non-FB users.
Lets get together, lets grow, and lets game!
Thanks for joining this new endeavor of the Discord and FB Group for Game Vault, as always, we are always taking your feedback and suggestions into consideration!