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We currently offer in-store play for Dungeons & Dragons, and Shadowrun. If there's a game you'd like the store to host - send us a message!



Adventure’s League & RPG Space rental:
Facebook has not made the sign-up process easy and many of you have lost your seat that you ‘reserved’ on Facebook or didn’t come out to an event because Facebook said there was already more than the allotted amount of people who clicked ‘going’ and then we would actually have no one come out.
We are moving to a ‘pay for your seat’ system through our website. Adventure’s League & Learn 2 Play sessions will be a $2 fee per player, per week – and each event will only have so many ‘tickets’ available.
We will be using that fee to supplement the additional cost of the ticketing system through the website and to do things like supply the volunteer Game Masters with store credit, we’re also going to add terrain, miniatures, and books to each of the spaces – starting with Space A, which will be painted as soon as our volunteers come back from Holiday break.
If you’d like to rent the room/spaces for your own group – it’s set up in 4 hours blocks, the Private Space A is $10, and the Open spaces (B &C) are $5 fee for the table, for 4 hours. Which again – will be available for ‘purchase’ through the website.
**Update: I have figured out how to take payment in store if you prefer to pay with cash**
This is a new endeavor for us, and while I believe I’ve worked out most of the bumps with this new process, please be patient if a new one occurs, and we have to fix it. Again, we are always open to feedback/suggestions.

*To see other changes in 2019, please see our "Home" Page*

Adventures League:

We can seat 7 players at each table, and each participant will purchase their seat for $2.

*$1 of that fee will go to the Dungeon Master in store credit, the other $1 will go to the store*


Learn2Play Events:

Purchase your seats for $2.

*$1 of that fee will go to the Game Master in store credit, the other $1 will go to the store*


RPG Space Reservations:

4 Hour Windows: 1pm-5pm/6pm-10pm

Private Room A ~ $10

Table B ~ $5

Table C ~ $5


*Private Room A will be provided with a growing selection of books, terrain and miniatures!

Thank you for understanding, and we will try and smooth out the bumps and process as quickly as possible. Always open to suggestions and ideas.


PS! We are actively needing/looking for Adventure’s League Dungeon Masters!

If you are interested – please send us a Facebook message, or

an email at gamevaultelpaso@gmail.com

*RPG SPACE B IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE as our Kitchen Equipment is residing there till further notice*

What is Adventure's League?
"D&D Adventurers League is official organized play for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. You can play D&D Adventurers League games at any place that features adventures bearing the D&D Adventurers League logo. You can create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League is supported."
It's a great way to scratch that D&D itch, without the week-to-week commitment. I have been apart of month/year long campaigns and they are still some of my greatest memories - but that is not always accessible, ideal or easy for people new to town, in the military, etc. These events are great way to not have to worry about finding a group, finding a Dungeon Master, and have more than a 4 hour commitment. :D 

Never played D&D before? Take a look at our events and look for our "Learn2Play: D&D" event, but if it's not available - just message us and our Adventure League DM's can meet with your before a session and help you get started. :) 
OR Come by and pick up a 5th Ed Players handbook - start reading up on all the classes and races available, to help speed up the character making process. 

And as always, thank you to our volunteer Dungeon Masters for helping making all this possible. We are actively looking for more DM's, to either expand out Adventure League options, or take some off our volunteer's plates. 
Thank you! Happy Adventuring!

You can pay for multiple sessions upfront, but it doesn't allow you to add multiple sessions to a 'cart'. You have to click the date, check out, click the next date, check out, etc.
I apologize, it's the only way Wix allows it at the moment, and I already suggested them to fix/add the feature. 
*Update* I have figured out how to take payment in store - feel free to stop by asap!*