Shipping, Pickup & Delivery options available – updated 04/22/2020
The Governor is allowing “non-essential” businesses to offer “Retail-To-Go” starting Friday 04/24/2020. While we are excited to be able to offer activities, games and projects to do at home while practicing social distancing, we are still worried about your safety, your family’s safety and ours.
I wanted to share with you a few things we’ve been doing in the past few weeks, (ontop of still fighting to get our kitchen done, heh- sandwiches to go may be the grand opening of the Game Vault Kafe :P :'( ) But other things we've been doing such as -each shipment that comes in is wiped down and disinfected and again before orders are packaged up to be sent out/picked up. No one has been in the store besides Coary and myself since March 23rd. Please read below about our first draft at instructions for Pickup, Delivery & Shipping and we may make some revisions after some trial and errors.
Coary and I will be working Monday-Saturday 12pm-8pm and taking Sundays off. Again, PLEASE continue to stay home as much as possible (local shipping usually only takes one day and we think this is still the safest option) we know the employees and ourselves miss being in store, talking with you all and running daily events, but we must adapt.
We have a couple items left to add to our online store since pick up will be an option now and then EVERYTHING normally found in Game Vault will be available online- except for singles – WHICH we are working on – and will make a post when we get them on there.

Curbside-Pick Up:
Again, no one will be allowed in the store to browse, so PLEASE browse and make your purchase on our online store.
Once the order has been pulled, we’ll mark it as ready- you can enable text notifications and you should get a text msg letting you know it’s ready. Once you pull into our parking lot, we’re going to ask you stay in your car, please. Text our store phone: 915-330-9545 with your name or order number, and the car you’re in and if you’d like your order in the trunk or in the back seat (if your trunk doesn’t open like my car.)

We’re going to test doing deliveries for our immediate area, we set it up with a 20 mile radius, and no fee, but there will be a $15 minimum order. For houses, we’ll drop off the package by front door, ring doorbell and get back in the car to send you a text letting you know your order was dropped off. When possible, Coary will leave it out of sight from the street.
*If you live an apartment or gated community please either text us with instructions or leave them in the notes when checking out through the online store.

Most post offices, UPS & Fed Ex stores close at 5pm, so as long as your order comes in before 4pm, we should be able to get it out the same day, and so far 75% of the orders from El Paso have been receiving it next day, and anywhere in the US it’s been 1-3 days.

*There are already some improvements that we’ve asked Square for – and they’re working on them, but they’ve seen a 700% increase in stores using their Webstore services in the last 30 days, so they’re a little flustered like the rest of us. So PLEASE understand that there may be some hiccups and bumps that will need smoothing as we go.

*Lastly, if you notice something isn't giving you the correct option, or notice a picture isn't coming up - feel free to screenshot and message it to us.

Thank you so much for any and all support. We still have applied for any and all grants/loans that local and us government has offered, but haven't heard good news from any of them yet. We know a lot of you have been laid off, or furloughed - so even if you cannot support us financially, participating on our social media and sharing our posts, or posting something and tagging us in it - is just as much support as spending money.
I know I rambled again, I'm sorry - but there was no way to offer a TL:DR as this is all important.

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